“I serve my Rio Rancho neighbors and friends best by having an insider’s knowledge of our district.  I’m not a transplant—I’ve been here my whole life. 

I grew up here, married my high school sweetheart, and now we’re raising our four children here. I know firsthand what my neighbors need—good jobs, a safe community, and good schools.”

– Representative Jason Harper

New Mexico’s Greatest Challenges

Many educational and social problems have their roots in struggling families. Imagine parents having high-paying and high-quality jobs that allow them more time to help their children with homework or more resources to get their kids into enrichment activities, instead of just trying to put food on the table.

Imagine being able to compete with neighboring states for new businesses that will offer these jobs, and seeing established businesses grow. Jason Harper believes we can make this a reality by overhauling the failed tax structure that has been choking our economic growth for decades and enacting business-friendly laws.

Responsible Stewardship of Your Tax Dollars

Jason Harper is spearheading tax reform that leads to job creation and a healthy, diversified economy. New Mexico cannot prosper when 25 percent of its economy depends on government jobs! Furthermore, we need to stop tax carve-outs for the favored few, and make everyone pay their fair share. Taxes should be fair, simple, and low for everyone. 

Bringing Jobs Back to New Mexico

High taxes and frivolous regulations are strangling business in New Mexico. When businesses thrive, we all win. Jobs are created, incomes rise, and quality-of-life increases. Jason Harper supports policies that ensure New Mexico is business-friendly, and he will work to make New Mexico taxes more competitive with neighboring states.

Another boost to the economy would be to enact Right-to-Work laws that won’t force folks to join unions—and pay expensive dues—just to be able to get a job. States that have passed these laws have seen incredible increases in job growth. Jason has voted for this legislation and will continue to support it.

A Safe Community

Jason Harper believes that bail guidelines must be refined, and realistic deadlines must be created for trying cases, in order to keep dangerous criminals from being prematurely released. The recent NM Constitutional changes have failed to keep us safe, so Jason, and other legislators, are talking to the NM Supreme Court about necessary changes. 

  • DWI Laws: Jason will fight to significantly toughen penalties for DWI offenders and keep drunk drivers off our roads.

  • Gun Laws: as an avid outdoorsman, Jason supports the freedom of individual citizens to enjoy outdoor marksmanship sports, and also to bear arms to protect themselves and their families.

  • School Safety: school safety doesn’t have to be linked to gun law changes. All opportunities to protect students should be considered. That’s why Jason Harper has partnered with Rio Rancho legislators to fund school safety improvements, including single point entry, remotely controlled electronic locks, traffic bollards, etc., and he strongly supports RRPS in arming security staff.

Every Kid Deserves a Quality Education

Growing up in Rio Rancho, Jason Harper knows local education from the ground up, having attended public schools here. Now a research scientist, he is a big believer in the power of a great education.  

Here’s what Jason’s done for our kids:

  • Tripled early childhood program funding, from less than $100 million in 2010, to over $300 million in 2018

  • Co-sponsored legislation that guarantees graduation requirements won’t change mid-stream

  • Restored P.E. credit for Marching Band and JROTC

  • Drove meaningful changes to the teacher evaluation system, to stop penalizing them for staying home when sick

  • Protected our Permanent Funds for education, which saves each New Mexico family $1,000 a year in taxes!

 Jason’s four kids attend Rio Rancho Public Schools, and he will continue to fight for common-sense reforms and to reward good teachers, who work tirelessly to provide a great education.

NM Lottery Scholarship

As a Ph.D. scientist, Jason Harper knows the value of a college education. He knows that a degree can make all the difference in a person’s life. That’s why every year he has served in the legislature, he has taken action and lead the charge to save
college funding.

He has sponsored bills to fix the Lottery Scholarship and permanently keep it financially viable, bringing together a bipartisan coalition of legislators to pass it. Jason has also stopped the Lottery Authority from raiding the Lottery Scholarship fund and from denying funding to middle-class families.

Protecting the Family

Jason Harper believes that families are the single most important unit of society and should be supported and protected.

He supports:

  • Protecting children’s lives, beginning from conception (pro-life).

  • Parental rights, such as mandatory parental notification if their minor daughter is having an abortion. Currently, state law prohibits the parents from being told beforehand!